Mediterranean Diet is Not the Best Diet in the World? Says Vegetarian Diet.

Mediterranean Diet vs Vegetarian Diet

Mediterranean diet refers to the traditional food that the people take in Mediterranean countries, especially consisted of huge consumption of vegetables and olive oil and moderate consumption of protein. It is believed by many people over the years that the Mediterranean diet would make your dream of having a healthy life and the figure you want a reality. The Mediterranean diet lowered the risk of heart disease and hepatitis B, yet the Mediterranean diet is not much popular among people and its art is hidden from the world due to lack of knowledge of preparing a Mediterranean meal comparing to people's knowledge of preparing a vegetarian meal.

But let’s keep the fancy part aside for a minute and have a look at what are the difference between a Mediterranean meal and vegetarian meal.

Newest research led by Dr. Francesco Sofi and other scientists discovered that the Vegetarian diet is much effective as Mediterranean diet which considered to be the healthiest meal in the world.

The Study

107 of healthy but overweight men & women were chosen and tracked during a time of 6-month span for each diet and the data showed the reduction in body weight, body mass & fat mass index for both vegetarian & Mediterranean diets.

The Results

The figures showed that the during a period  (3 months) the group was under vegetarian diet lost 1.88 kg and the group was under Mediterranean diet lost 1.77 kg.


The scientists concluded that there are no significant differences between vegetarian diet and Mediterranean diet in showing loss of body mass, fat mass, and body weight. Scientists further explained that the vegetarian diet is more effective in reducing low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, whereas Mediterranean diet led to a greater reduction in triglyceride levels.

Scientists believe that this research will encourage the people all around the world to follow vegetarian diets and reduce heart risks, lead a healthy life and the vegetarian community will grow more in numbers.

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